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In the fabric development process, we always have in mind the special needs of users, the particular circumstances and the purpose of certain fabrics. In our offer you will find easy-to-clean fabrics, fabrics that are water-repellent, fabrics designed for outdoor use and, of course, fire retardant fabrics.

Quick Clean

MERCIS Quick Clean

QUICK CLEAN special protection enables simple and quick cleaning of most everyday stains (coffee, wine, juice, ketchup, ice cream, a ballpoint pen, etc.).

Fabrics with the Quick Clean protection system have each fibre surrounded with a special layer, which works as an invisible shield against stains. Although the stain seemingly penetrates into the fabric, it in fact remains on the surface of the fibres and can therefore be easily cleaned. Only with a clean sponge and water!

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Water Repellent

MERCIS Water Repellent

MERCIS offers several different levels of water repellent and waterproof fabrics. Selecting the correct level of waterproof requirements will depend on the end use of your project or very versatile. The heavyweight nylon based cloths are fantastic for making covers and cushions for outdoor furniture.

Fabrics that are water resistant have been treated to repel water from their surfaces, but if the coating is old or water is pooling on top of the fabric they can soak through.

Fabrics marked waterproof will always repel water. They do not let water soak into them under any conditions, even if the fabric is old. These fabrics are mostly vinyl, vinyl-coated or laminated.


MERCIS Outdoor

Upholstery fabrics that are used outdoors must meet the tough conditions of changing weather. High temperatures, direct sunlight, rain and wind are elements that can affect the lifespan of outdoor fabrics. That is why we pay great attention to the development of fabrics, which are designed to withstand all the environmental influences. Most of our outdoor fabrics are water repellent.

With an UPF of 80, the OUTDOOR FABRICS family of products is UV 801 certified and blocks more than 97% UV rays, protecting your skin. The OEKO TEX Class 1 certificate guarantees that the fabrics do not cause allergies and are safe for babies. The products are 100% recyclable and feature protection against sunlight degradation and rotting, and have a water repellent finish.

Fire Retardant

MERCIS First - Fire Retardant Textile

Fire retardant textiles are made for the contract interiors market. Per your request some of our upholstery products can be treated to become fire retardant. Thermally stable fibers have many advantages, a significant one being that the FR properties are permanent and cannot be washed out. The fibers are also incredibly strong and resistant to tearing, which can increase the lifespan of FR apparel.

The standards most commonly achieved by our first fabrics are IMO A563-14, EN 13773 – CLASS1, DIN 4102 B1, BS5867 part 2 type B&C.

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